Rise Me Up Mala
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Rise Me Up Mala


Take a stand with this smoky quartz mala. This stone and the Rudraksha seed anchors the spirit and grounds you to the earth and soil, especially when used to meditate. The variety of colors that it reflects can range from chocolate to yellow to grey. The Rise Up mala can help you differentiate between things that you need or don't need in life and give you courage to move on from those things. It can promote positive thoughts and can help concentration and communication. Known to aid in illnesses such as radiation and diseases in the lower half of the body. Smoky Quartz will strengthen heart and body.

Materials: Smokey Quartz. Rudraksha Seeds and Silver.


A mala is a set of 108 uniquely chosen beads, hand-strung in a circular form and grounded by the guru bead. These beautiful ancient tools support you in your spiritual practice and bring you to the present moment. During meditation, malas anchor your focus through the simple sensation of the beads running through your fingertips. They are also believed to shield you from negativity, and regular meditation can even increase their power. Your mala is a perfect daily prompt to reflect throughout even the most hectic of days. At Meisou, we are seeking to spread the mala love and hope that people of any background can feel welcomed to wear one of our pieces.

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