Our Mission

Our mission is simple: drink coffee, travel, and do good.

Remember the last day you didn’t have at least one cup of coffee? We don’t either. Besides water, coffee is the one drink you’re able to find no matter where you travel. 

We want to connect people to the source of the cup of fuel that gets them through the day. The content of every bag we seal and every cup we pour is filled with coffee carefully selected from farms around the world. The farms we partner with are small lot farms that grow their coffee organically and with the environment in mind. As you taste the notes of their beans, we hope it inspires you to explore these countries, even if it’s from the comfort of your own home.

Each bag you purchase will not only support hard-working farmers, but also help support different causes from their respective countries. These causes include wildlife preservation, sustainability, and education. If we help these farmers take care of their land, the land will take care of them. The harmony will allow them to produce coffee at peak quality.

We not only want you to drink good coffee, but we want you to feel good drinking it, too!