Our Coffee

Coffee may be something quick we drink on-the-go in the morning to kick-start our days, but that doesn't mean we need to sacrifice taste for convenience. It all comes down to sourcing and brewing.

We aim only for the highest grade coffee beans that are organically grown. A huge misconception is that coffee is all bitter. These beans are most likely Robusta beans that are used in bulk and instant coffee. They have a higher caffeine content, but they also don't have the distinct flavors of organic Arabica beans. When any crop is grown organically, it will produce the most beautiful flavors that the land was meant to produce.

Much like food, the end product will always taste better with love. This is why we like to get to know the farmers and owners behind the beans. This helps us appreciate the coffee. We want to infuse the story of the farms into every cup of coffee we produce. In order to do that, we also like to treat the beans with respect with proper brewing methods.

Thanks to third wave coffee culture, there are more options than just your standard office coffee pot machine. Our preferred method of brewing delicious coffee is the pour over method. This pulls the cleanest flavor without burning the coffee.

With quality beans and cleaner brewing methods, our coffee is sure to make you smile.