Home brewing: Pour Over

Chemex - What You'll Need
What you'll need:
-Electric Gooseneck Kettle
-Kitchen Scale
-Chemex or other pour over vessel.
-Chemex filter
-Coffee bean grinder
-28g (1oz) ground coffee (medium coarseness)
-420g (15oz) of boiled water, plus extra for wetting filter
Yields: About 2 cups of coffee. Use 1:15 ratio when increasing the volume.
Tips: If you're just starting out, we recommend a mixpresso chemex-style pour over. It works exactly the same and uses the same filters, but is more budget-friendly. Pictured is an Acaia scale, but IKEA has a very simple long-lasting kitchen scale for a fraction of the price.
1. Boil a kettle of water to 195-205F, or let stand for 30 seconds after boiling.
2. Weigh 28g (1oz) of coffee beans and grind to medium to medium-fine coarseness. If working without a scale, use 2 tablespoons of grinds. Set aside.
3. Wet paper filter to get rid of paper taste and warm up the chemex. Swirl it around in Chemex, then holding onto the filter, pour out the excess water.
4. Pour ground coffee into the center of the filter. Place Chemex on scale and tare the scale back to 0.
Coffee Bloom
5. Starting from the center, slowly pour water onto the dry grounds and move outward in a circular motion just until all grounds are wet. You should see the grounds "blooming" or expanding to release the coffee's natural gasses.
6. Once it stops blooming, pour more water using the same motion until water is about 3/4 up to the rim. Let it filter until almost down to the bottom.
7. Add more water in same motion until scale reaches 420g (15oz). Let it filter until no more water is dripping. Discard filter with grounds and enjoy!
Pour Over