Home brewing: Ceremonial Matcha

What you'll need:
-2g (1 tsp) of Ceremonial-Grade Matcha
-Matcha Whisk (chasen)
-Matcha Strainer
-2oz of hot water at about 176 degrees F
-Tea bowl or round cereal bowl.
Yields: 1 serving of matcha
Tips: If you are making a matcha latte, adjust your dosage depending on how much milk you add to the matcha. 1 tsp for every 6-8oz of milk or liquid.
1. Boil some water and pour out 2oz into a measuring glass or shot glass. Let it cool slightly while you continue to the next step.
2. Measure 1 level teaspoon of matcha and sift it through the matcha strainer with circular motions into your bowl to get rid of clumps.
3. Add the water into the bowl with the matcha.
4. Whisk the bowl mixture with your matcha whisk in an "M" motion for about 15 seconds, or until fully incorporated and slightly bubbly.
5. Drink as a matcha shot, or add steamed milk to make a matcha latte.