Farm to Cup

Hawaiian Coffee Ka'u Farmer

The Journey

The way coffee makes us feel is nothing short of magical. The journey it took to get to our cups, however, consisted of more than just waving a wand. Whether the coffee comes from the volcanic big Island of Hawaii, or the mountainous eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea, its origins all started at a farm.

Times are changing

In 2012, A coffee plantation in Santa Isabel, Guatemala was ravaged by a coffee leaf disease that left their crops bare. With mass production, it's difficult to catch these diseases before it spreads. Since then, the coffee farm has converted to small-lot organic growing. Now, they are Rainforest Alliance certified for being environmentally friendly and produce some of the most amazing hard bean coffee in the world. 

Direct Trade

From these small-lot farms, comes the heart and soil of Farm Cup Coffee. We work directly with the farmers and owners to bring you quality coffee that not only tastes amazing, but is grown with heart.

We set ourselves apart by having the farmers roast at source. They know their coffee beans better than anyone else, because they've grown the plants and watched them grow from seed to crop. We order only as much as we need to minimize waste. By buying roasted beans from the farms, they're also able to make a larger profit. Our goal is to better the lives of our coffee growers and to infuse their stories in every cup you drink. This is what farm to cup coffee means to us.