Raw Eucalyptus Honey
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Raw Eucalyptus Honey

Net wt: 9 oz | 6 fl oz Raw Eucalyptus Honey

This Eucalyptus Honey from Happy Organics was harvested in nearby Watsonville, California, a farming city located in Santa Cruz County. This special-edition honey was born through a partnership with one of their local farms. 

As the eucalyptus trees only bloom in the winter, weather and temperature conditions must be perfect to allow bees to forage on its blossoms.   

By itself, eucalyptus is rich in antioxidants, helps relieve cold symptoms, and promotes relaxation. Our Eucalyptus Honey contains rich anti-flu and cold properties that can help with:

  • Relief of nasal congestion and cough
  • Soothing and reducing sore throats
  • Boosting respiratory health 
  • Providing pain relief 

Ingredients: Raw Eucalyptus Honey

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