Natural Tie-Dyed Socks
Natural Tie-Dyed Socks
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Natural Tie-Dyed Socks
Natural Tie-Dyed Socks

Natural Tie-Dyed Socks

Red & Green
Orange & Red

By: Hecho by Caye in Los Angeles

Enjoy your pair of organic cotton socks, grown and knitted in the USA.

HECHO BY CAYE pieces are carefully crafted from start to finish with materials sourced from sustainable companies. They are naturally dyed in small batches, with dyes created using food waste, insects, and plants. Each piece is unique, no two pieces dyed are ever identical. That’s the magic of natural dyes. 

HECHO BY CAYE is a Spanglish play on “made by.” Made by Caye. Made by hand. Made for all.


Small: children 12-13

Medium: womens 6-9 / mens 4.5-8.5

Large: womens 9-12 / mens 8.5-12

About the Maker:

Hola! I’m Cayetano (he/him), designer, sewer, and natural dyer of HECHO BY CAYE. Born in Michoacán, my family immigrated to the United States when I was just a little boy. I now work out of my home in Los Angeles. Conscious fashion came natural to me as a result from my humble upbringing. Not having the same access to art materials as my peers challenged me to think creatively, be clever and conscientious to ensure nothing went to waste.

My goal is to provide consciously crafted garments and textile accessories.

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