Photo: Courtesy of Finca Rosa BlancaIf you asked me a year ago how I liked my coffee, I would have told you: strong, dark, and full of caffeine. With the start of Farm Cup Coffee, I finally drink coffee for the taste and aromas, not just to wake me up.

When Raul and I started talking about sourcing, we wanted our beans to be the highest in quality and come directly from the farms. Raul was able to get in contact with various farms that offered organic beans with their own stories to tell. After receiving samples, we conducted our own coffee cupping and even had our friends and family taste-test each coffee at our launch party.

With the smooth buttery finish and toffee notes from our Costa Rican medium roast, we wanted to learn even more about what made their coffee so delicious! We booked our trip to Finca Rosa Blanca in Santa Bárbara de Heredia, Costa Rica and came back with a new appreciation for coffee.

Their resort and plantation is beautifully situated in the lush mountains of Heredia, Costa Rica. With its sustainable farming practices, Glenn Jampol and his family have created an organic and autonomous environment for the coffee plants to grow. They introduce trees and plants that provide natural nutrients to the soil along with fruit and insects for the 130 species of birds that help fertilize the land. As these birds feed on most of the insects, there's no need for pesticides. The fast growing trees provide plenty of shade for the coffee plants to thrive. For dryer seasons, the banana plants provide water directly from its leaves and trunk.

We learned all this from taking a tour of the coffee plantation with Ulises, a true coffee expert. Along with his two helpers, Rosa and Blanca (the resort's resident dogs), Ulises guided us through the forest and coffee production process.

The tour ended with a coffee cupping to help us distinguish tastes vs aromas in different roasts. Their harvesting season is only a couple weeks away, so now's a great time to book a stay with them

After exploring Finca Rosa Blanca, we also ventured out to Catarata del Toro where we hiked down to an amazing waterfall, an animal rescue ranch where we met some adorable sloths, and another beautiful resort with breath-taking views. Look out for more videos, coming soon!

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